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Gene Barbe

Out of time (2023)

200 cm W & 160 cm H

Gene Barbe is living and working in France, but was born in North London in 1975. His autodidactic journey brought him to painting in the early 2000s. By considering all possible origines and destinations that someone may encounter, Gene Barbe paints instinctively, beyond his own identity, and tries to reach out for a universal presence, poetic and imperfect, witnessing the ancient and the immediate.

About 'Out of time' (Mixed media on canvas): 

Pinned on a big wall for many years, this surface has been challenged by time and weather, by personal and universal events. Gene wanted to see how far the canvas could follow him in his studies and doubts. He pushed technics and materials to their limit. This painting expresses something ancient, a scene from “out of time”, but also, it tries to raise a global modern question : when will we be “out of time”?

price: 5000 € contact for more information

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